Each couple needs to take care of the following items and reservations:

  1. Passports

    - If you don't have passports already, it is recommended that you begin the process at least 10 weeks in advance of travel (by August 30).

  2. Hotel Reservations

    - 6/9/13 - Sean is checking with the travel agent about booking a hotel for the group.
    - 9/5/13 - Unfortunately, our travel agent hasn't helped us at all other than making it so I don't have to coordinate everybody's credit cards for the cruise. Since she isn't helping with hotels after multiple requests, here is a useful link I've found for booking a hotel near the airport and cruise port on the night of Nov 8 (tip--click on the map on the left-hand side of the page):

    Hotels near the Airport and dock

    Feel free to stay wherever you'd like. Kristin and I are staying at the Best Western here (though we booked through the Best Western website for a cheaper price):

    Best Western

    - 9/5/13 - James has some bed & breakfast options.  If interested, contact him.

  3. Flights

    - Sean will send an email if good deals are spotted.  Others feel free to do the same.  Without a "deal", plan on $450-$500/pp round trip.  One deal has already come and gone that was $141 return trip from Ft Lauderdale to SLC via Southwest.
    - Best prices often can be found 45-60 days in advance of the flight.
    - 6/9/13 - Still waiting to hear back from the travel agent about group discounts (sent reminder email)
    - 9/5/13 - Travel agent hasn't done anything.  Kristin and I are flying on Southwest because they have had the best deals that I could find.  Go ahead and book a flight through your preferred airline.

  4. Transportation to/from airports, hotel, cruise

    - feel free to make your own arrangements to carpool etc.
    - The travel agent said that the airport/hotel/dock in Ft Lauderdale are all very close to one another.  Taxis or hotel shuttles should be affordable enough and generally sufficient for transportation.